5 Tips For Perfect Furnishing Of Your Home In Charlotte

Are you going to decorate your house? Of course there is a lot involved. Decorating your house goes much further than painting a wall or not. There is so much choice and so much to do. How do you do it and where do you start? Generally, you need a remodeling & general contractors in Charlotte NC to kick off. But if you want to do it by yourself without investing in hiring contractors, then here are 5 DIY tips for you.

Tip 1: Create a mood board

You are going to decorate your house, super fun! Start at the beginning: creating a mood board. With a mood board you create an overview of all ideas you have in terms of home inspiration. Do you want to know how you can best approach creating a mood board? Then read our blog about how a mood board can help you decorate your interior.

Tip 2: View your house by room

Secondly, it is important to view your home layout by room. We discuss the 4 most important areas below.


Start at the living room. This is the space where you will spend a lot of time. Relax on the couch with your family or have a drink with friends. Are you going to start furnishing? Start with floors. Floors are the main attarction of your living room. Hire contractors for flooring in Charlotte NC to give your floor a professional touch.


The kitchen is often the heart of the house. It is therefore important that the design of your kitchen completely matches your wishes! Are you going for a sleek, rural or industrial style? Then you determine the color of the walls. For example, a modern kitchen is often white or black in itself. Therefore choose a blue, ocher or green wall to cheer up your kitchen and give it a little more spice.


You relax in the bedroom and your wall colors affect your mood. A dark color provides a comfortable feeling. For example, combine a white base with dark shades, colorful details or make the walls green, dark blue or ocher yellow, for example. Need a professional guidance? Contact to painters in Charlotte NC to help you out in choosing best colors for your bedroom wall and paint them.


Bathrooms often all look the same. So stand out by continuing your style in the bathroom! Do you have a small bathroom ? Make it look bigger with a glass shower enclosure and floating furniture. Choose one clear style, create sufficient storage space and provide appropriate lighting!

Tip 3: Choose your living style

Then it is now time to choose your living style. Do you love natural elements such as wood and stone in combination with a beautiful wood stove and a fake fur? Then a rural interior is just the thing for you! Finally, there is the industrial style. Characteristic of an industrial interior are raw unfinished materials, coarse furniture and the combination of wood, concrete and metal.

Tip 4: Choose the right window decoration

Your house is not finished without beautiful window decoration. To start, make a list of every room you want to provide with window coverings and think about the function. Is privacy important? With blinds or shutters you can easily reduce the view.

Tip 5: Determine where the lamps will hang

Light is very important in a house. You want to let in as much natural light as possible, you have already taken this into account when choosing window coverings. But when it is dark, your house must also come into its own! You do this by thinking carefully about where the lamps should be and making a lighting plan.

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